PMC and NUMS - MDCAT Aggregate Calculator Online

Aggregate Calculator MDCAT

Mostly people searching after MDCAT exams for Aggregate Calculator MDCAT, Here we have given MDCAT Aggregate Calculator.Our calculator work for both NUMS MDCAT and PMC MDCAT.

Instruction for Aggregate Calculator MDCAT

  • All the given below fields are mandatory for Aggregate Calculation
  • Martic Obtain Marks should be less than Matric Total Marks
  • F.Sc / A-Level Obtain Marks should be less than F.Sc / A-Level Total Marks
  • MDCAT Obtain Marks should be less than MDCAT Total Marks

You can find your total Aggregate for mdcat merit calculation.

how to calculate aggregate for mdcat?

Calcuate your MDCAT aggregate on the basis of following percentage.

  • Martic Marks: 10%
  • F.Sc/A-Level Marks: 40%
  • NUMS/PMC MDCAT Exam Marks: 50%