PAQSJ is a medical institute with the full name “Pir Abual Qadir Shah Jeelani Institute of Medical Science” situated in Gambat Khairpur Mirs.

PAQSJ Institute of MedicalSciencesGambat, established in 2003  and chartered by the Sindh Government in 2005.

Gambat institute of medical sciences Contact Information

ADDRESS: PAQSJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Gambat Station Rd, Pakistan

TELEPHONE: (0243)-640160 , 720772-773

E-MAIL: [email protected]



MBBS ( Medicine )5 Years
BS – Audiology4 Years
BS – Cardiology4 Years
BS – Critical Care Medicine4 Years
BS – Dental Technology4 Years
BS – Dialysis Technology4 Years
BS – Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences4 Years
BS – Gastroenterology4 Years
BS – Human Diet & Nutrition4 Years
BS – Intensive Care Medicine4 Years
BS – Nursing Generic4 Years
BS – Obstetrics & Gynecology4 Years
BS – Ophthalmology4 Years
BS Pediatric4 Years
BS – Pathology4 Years
BS – Radiology4 Years
BS – Speech Language Therapy4 Years
BS – Surgery Technology4 Years

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