So, you’re a Pakistani student exploring options for studying medicine abroad, and Russia has caught your eye. An MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students could be an attractive choice. Low tuition fees, worldwide recognition of degrees, and a chance to experience a different culture are appealing. You’ve likely got lots of questions about what it’s like to study medicine in Russia as a Pakistani student. 

Things like living costs, visa requirements, language barriers, quality of education, safety – the list goes on. This guide will give you an insider’s look at pursuing an MBBS in Russia from a Pakistani student’s perspective. We’ll explore the pros and cons, walk through the entire application process step-by-step, connect you with current students, and provide tips to help you thrive during your time abroad. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if Russia is the right choice for your medical ambitions.

MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students: An Overview

Are you thinking about studying medicine in Russia? Here’s a quick rundown of what to anticipate.

Russia has a long history of delivering excellent medical education. The Medical Council of Pakistan recognizes Russian MBBS degrees, allowing them to practice in Pakistan. Many respectable Russian institutions offer MBBS programs in English to overseas students.

For Pakistani students, the application process is simple. You must have at least 50% in biology and chemistry in your intermediate examinations and pass an admission exam. The overall cost of an MBBS in Russia is relatively low, ranging between 20 and 25 lakh Pakistani rupees for the whole program.

Living in Russia as a student has various problems, such as adjusting to a new environment and culture. Many Pakistani students, however, find it a thrilling experience. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a new environment and make friends from all around the world. Most colleges provide student housing, and living costs in Russia are modest in comparison to other nations.

If you’re looking for an accredited, affordable MBBS option abroad, Russia has a lot to offer. With high-quality education, low Russia MBBS fees, and a chance for a unique cultural experience, an MBBS in Russia deserves your consideration. Why not start researching programs and universities to find one that’s right for you? A world of opportunity awaits!

MBBS Fee Structure in Russia for Pakistani Students

Studying medicine in Russia is an affordable option for many Pakistani students. The total MBBS in Russia fee structure is generally between 20 to 30 lakh Pakistani Rupees for a total duration of 6 years. This includes tuition fees as well as hostel accommodation.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for MBBS in Russia range from 2.5 to 5 lakh Pakistani Rupees per year. The exact fee depends on the university and city you choose. Universities in bigger cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg usually charge higher fees compared to smaller cities. However, the quality of education is more or less the same across all MCI-approved medical universities in Russia.

Hostel and Living Expenses

Most universities provide on-campus accommodation for international students. Hostel fees include furnished rooms as well as meals. You can expect to pay 1 to 2 lakh Pakistani Rupees per year for hostel and food. The total living expenses per month for a student come out to be around 30 to 50 thousand Pakistani Rupees which includes hostel fees, food, conveyance, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Other Expenses

You will have to pay a one-time admission and visa fee of around 2 to 3 lakh Pakistani Rupees. This includes registration fees, invitation letter fees, visa application fees, and airfare. Therefore, keep some buffer amount for any unforeseen or emergency expenses in Russia.

In summary, MBBS in Russia is highly affordable for Pakistani students. With the right planning and budgeting, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor by studying medicine in Russia. The low-cost MBBS option allows more students to pursue this noble profession and serve humanity.

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Entry Requirements for MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students

To pursue an MBBS degree in Russia, there are a few requirements Pakistani students should be aware of.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have passed higher secondary school with a minimum of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Appeared in the MCAT exam and achieved a minimum score of 60%. The MCAT scores are valid for 2 years.
  • Be between the ages of 17 to 25 on the date of admission.
  • Have a valid passport.

Language Requirement

As the medium of instruction is English for most MBBS programs in Russia, you need to prove English language proficiency. This can be done by:

  • Achieving a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS with no band less than 6.0.
  • Achieving a minimum score of 320 on the TOEFL IBT.

-Passing an English language proficiency exam conducted by the Russian university.

Application Process

The application process involves:

1. Selecting universities and courses. Research top medical university in Russia that offer MBBS in English.

  1. Checking admission deadlines and preparing required documents like academic transcripts, passport copies, etc.
  2. Applying to universities. You can apply directly on university websites or through authorized admission agencies that help Pakistani students. Submit all required documents and application fees.
  3. Receiving an admission offer letter. If selected, the university will issue an official admission offer letter.
  4. Applying for a student visa. Take the admission offer letter to the Russian embassy or consulate to apply for a student visa.
  5. Paying tuition fees and preparing for departure. After obtaining the visa, pay any pending tuition or hostel fees required to confirm your admission. Start preparing for your trip to Russia!

Following these steps and meeting the eligibility criteria will pave the way for you to pursue an MBBS in Russia. Feel free to ask any authorized admission agency for help and guidance through the entire admission and visa application process.

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Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students

Russia has some of the top-ranking medical universities in the world that offer MBBS programs for international students, including those from Pakistan. Some of the best options are:

Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in Russia. Founded in 1814, it provides world-class medical education at an affordable cost. The university offers an MBBS program in English for international students. Successful completion of the 6-year program leads to an MBBS degree that is recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Established in 1758, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest and largest medical school in Russia. It ranks among the top medical universities in the world and has over 10,000 students from 70+ countries. The university offers a 6-year MBBS program in English for Pakistani students. Graduates are awarded an MBBS degree recognized in Pakistan and globally.

Novosibirsk State Medical University

Novosibirsk State Medical University is located in the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia. Founded in 1935, it is a leading medical school in Russia that provides high-quality medical education at an affordable cost. The university offers a 6-year MBBS program in English for Pakistani students. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded an MBBS degree recognized by the PMDC.

Orenburg State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University is located in the city of Orenburg, near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan. Established in 1935, it ranks among the top medical universities in Russia that offer MBBS programs for international students. The university provides a 6-year MBBS program in English leading to an MBBS degree recognized in Pakistan. Graduates can practice medicine across Russia and globally.

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow

Lomonosov In 1755, Moscow State University was established as the first Russian university. It is affiliated with the Central Medical Department of the Russian Federation’s Executive Office, the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, the Fertility and Preconception Centre, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences’ Neurological Centre, Glavmosstroy Hospital, Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (MONIKI), and Moscow clinical hospitals.  The institute offers all of the required circumstances for its students to receive the greatest medical education available. Students also participate in research in major Moscow laboratories as part of their curriculum.

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Russia’s Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd State Medical University has risen to the top of the Russian medical school rankings. Since its inception, the University has recruited highly qualified faculty with international teaching expertise from all around the world. The University now employs 763 highly skilled academics and teachers, including 11 academicians, 96 professors, and 401 associate professors. The tuition is $5,900. 

The low tuition fees, quality medical education, and globally recognized degrees are some of the major attractions for Pakistani students to pursue an MBBS in Russia. By choosing from the top medical universities, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor at an affordable cost of MBBS in Russia.

Applying for MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students: A Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for MBBS in Russia as a Pakistani student involves a few key steps. Follow this guide to navigate the process smoothly.

1. Meet the Eligibility Criteria

To apply for MBBS in Russia, you must have a minimum 50% aggregate in FSc. Pre-Medical with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Some universities may require higher percentages. You will also need to clear the Russian Medical College Admission Test (RMCAAT) with a minimum score of 50%.

2. Choose a University

Research different Russian universities offering MBBS degrees. Consider factors like ranking, fee structure, student support, and recognition of the degree. Some of the best medical university in Russia for Pakistani students include Kazan State Medical University, Crimea Federal University, and First Moscow State Medical University.

3. Apply to the University

Once you select a university, obtain their application form and prospectus. Fill in the required details and submit the following documents:

  • Copies of your Matric and FSc. Certificates
  • Translation of documents into Russian
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Statement of purpose

The application deadline is usually in July for admission in September. Apply as early as possible to allow for processing time.

4. Obtain an Invitation Letter and Visa

If selected, the university will issue an official invitation letter. Use this to apply for a student visa at the Russian Embassy in Islamabad. Submit:

  • Original invitation letter
  • Translated documents 
  • Medical insurance
  • Return tickets
  • Accommodation proof
  • Bank statement showing adequate funds

The single-entry visa is valid for 3 months. You must enter Russia during this period to get a residence permit.

5. Travel to Russia

Once you receive your visa, book your travel to Russia. Keep copies of all important documents with you. On arrival, get a medical checkup and apply for a residence permit which will allow you to stay for the full course duration.

With the right scores, documents, and persistence, you can pursue an MBBS in Russia. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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So there you have it. An MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students can be an attractive option for many Pakistani students looking to study medicine abroad. While the application procedure takes time and effort, the potential benefits of a globally recognized medical education at a low cost make the difficulties worthwhile. If you approach the experience with reasonable expectations about cultural differences and are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, studying medicine in Russia might be a life-changing experience. Friendships, experiences, and abilities gained will affect your growth as a doctor and stay with you for many years. Take a chance, pursue your ambition of becoming a doctor, and begin this new chapter in your life. The future is full of opportunities.

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