Private medical colleges in pakistan

There are around more than 75 private medical colleges in pakistan.

Inspite of that , many student can not get admisison in medical colleges and move abroad to purse MBBS / BDS Admission.

All the private medical colleges are attached with Pakistan Medical and Dental Commision, But Test will be held under three bodies.

  1. PMDC MDCAT for all institute attached with PMDC
  2. NUMS MDCAT for all insitute attached with NUMS
  3. Army Medical Test for Candidate , Test Held thourgh GHQ Pakistan

Read MDCAT 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Today.

List of Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Here we are going to list down all medical colleges list province wise.

List of Private Medical Colleges in Punjab

The following is a list of private medical colleges in Punjab. In Punjab, there are 70 private-sector medical colleges. Here is the full list of 70 universities with a city name.

1.FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry, Lahore
2.Shalamar Medical College LMDC, Lahore
3.Lahore Medical And Dental College, Lahore
4.CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore
5.Rahbar Medical College. Lahore
6.Al-Aleem Medical College, Lahore
7.Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College, Lahore
8.Avicenna Medical College, Lahore
9.Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore
10.Amna Inayat Medical College, Sheikhupura
11.University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore
12.Gulab Devi Medical College, Lahore
13.Central Park Medical College, Lahore
14.Continental Medical College, Lahore
15.Pak Red Cresent Medical And Dental College, Lahore
16.Multan Medical and Dental College, Multan
17.Bakhtawar Amin Medical College, Multan
18.Independent Medical College, Faisalabad
19.CMH Bahawalpur Medical College, Bhawalpur
20.Combined Institute of Medical Sciences, CIMS Multan
21.Shahida Islam Medical College, Lodhran
22.Slam Medical College, Sialkot
23.Wah Medical College, Wah
24.Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad
25.Yusra Medical And Dental College, Islamabad
26.University Medical And Dental College, Faisalabad
27.Islamic Internation Medical College, Rawalpindi
28.Al- Nafees Medical College, Islamabad
29.Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad
30.Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad
31.Rai Medical College, Sargodha
32.Niazi Medical College, Sargodha
33.HBS Medical And Dental College, Islamabad
34.Islamabad Medical And Dental College, Islamabad
35.CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian
36.Abwa Medical College, Faisalabad
37.Aziz Fatima Medical And Dental College, Faislabad
38.Sahara Medical College, Narowal
39.HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila
40.M. Islam Medical College, Gujranwala
41.CMH Med College Kharian
42.Fuji Foundation Medical University, Rawalpindi
43.Fazaya Med College Islamabad

List of Private Medical Colleges In Sindh

The full list of private medical institutions in Sindh is provided below. There are fifteen private medical colleges.

1.The Agha Khan Medical University Medical College, Karachi
2.Baqai Medical College, Karachi
3.Isra University Medical College, Hyderabad
4.Hamdard Medical College & Dentistry, Karachi
5.Jinnah Medical And Dental College, Karachi
6United Medical And Dental College, Karachi
7.Sir Syed Medical College For Girls, Karachi
8.Zia Ud Din Medical College, Karachi
9.Liaquat National Medical College, Karachi
10.Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry, Karachi
11.Al-Tibri Medical College, Karachi
12.Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkahs
13.Bahria Medical And Dental College, Karachi
14.Indus Medical Colleges, Tando Muhammad
15.Karachi Institute Of Medical Sciences, KIMS, Karachi

List Of Private Medical KPK

The Number of Private as well as Public Sector Medical Colleges, In KPK, Is Equal. There are 10 Private Medical and dental Colleges in KPK. This is the complete list

1.Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar
2.Pak Internation Medical College, Peshawar
3.Kabir Medical College, Peshawar
4.Jinnah Medical College, Peshawar
5.Rehman Medical College, Peshawar
6.Al-Razi Medical College, Peshawar
7.North West Medical School, Peshawar
8.Frontier Medical College, Abbottabad
9.Abbottabad Internationa Medical College, Abbottabad
10.Women Medical College, Abbottabad

Check out the NUMS Affiliated College List.

List of Private Medical Colleges in Baluchistan

1.Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences, Quetta

Private Medical Colleges Seat Allocation by PMDC

S.NOProvinceCollege / UniversitySeats
1AJKMohiuddin  Islamic Medical  College, Mirpur-AJ&K.100
2BaluchistanQuetta  Institute of Medical  Sciences,  Quetta-Cantt.150
3KPKAbbottabad  International  Medical College,  Abbottabad.100
4KPKFrontier Medical  Collcge,  Abbottabad.100
5KPKJinnah Medical College. Peshawar100
6KPKKabir Medical College, Peshawar100
7KPKMuhammad  College of  Medicine,  Peshaw ar100
8KPKNorthwest  School of Medicine.  Peshawar150
9KPKPak  International  Medical C’ol1ege, Peshawar100
10KPKPeshan ar Medical College. Peshan ar150
11KPKRehman Medical College. Peshawar100
12KPKSwat  Medical College  Sw’at100
13KPKfi’omen Medical  College.  Abbottabad.100
14PunjabAbu Umara  Medical &  Dental College.  Lahore100
15PunjabAbwa Medical College, Faisalabad100
16PunjabALhtar  Saeed Medical  &  Dental  College, Lahore.150
17PunjabAkhtar Saeed Medical  &  Dental  College. Rawalpindi100
18PunjabAl Aleem Medical College,  Lahore100
19PunjabAmna Inay at  Medical  College.  l-ahore.100
20PunjabAvicenna Medical College.  Lahore.150
21PunjabAziz Fatimah Medical  & Dental  College, Faisalabad.150
22PunjabAzra  Naheed Medical  College.150
23PunjabBakhtawar  Amin  Medical  & Dental College, Multan150
24PunjabCentral Parks Medical College, Lahore.150
25PunjabC MH  Institute of  Medical  Sciences. Bahan alpur100
26PunjabCMH    Kharian Medical  College,  Kharian Cantt.150
27PunjabCMH    Lahore Medical  College, Lahore Cantt.150
28PunjabCMH    Multan Institute  of Medical  Sciences (CIMS). Multan Cantt150
29PunjabContinental  Medical College. Lahore.100
30PunjabI MH   College ot Medicine  & Dentistry,  Lahore.150
31PunjabHITEC  Institute  of Medical  Sciences,  Taxila100
32PunjabIndependent  Medical College, Faisalabad.100
33Punjab1.slam  Medical Collegc,  Sialkot.150
34PunjabIslamic  International  Medical College.  Rawalpindi.100
35Pun jabI .ahore Medical  &  Dental College, Lahore150
36PunjabM.  Islam Medical College. Gujranw ala150
37PunjabMultan Medical  & Dental College. Multan.150
38PunjabNiazi Medical &  Dental  College,  Sargodha.100
39Pun jabPak Red Crescent  Medical  & Dental  Collegc.  Lahore.100
40PunjabRahbar Medical  & Dental Collet:e. Lahore100
41PunjabRai Medical  College, Sargodha100
42PunjabRashid  Latif Medical College. Lahore.150
43PunjabSahara Medical Collegc, Narowal100
44PunjabShahida Islam Medical  College. Lodhran150
45PunjabShalamar Medical  & Dental College. Lahore.150
46PunjabSharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore.100
47PunjabSialkot Medical  Collegc, Sialkot100
48PunjabUniversity College of Medicine & Dentistry,  Lahore.150
49PunjabL niversity Medical  & Mental  College, Faisalabad.150
50PunjabWah Medical  College. Wah Cantt.150
51PunjabWatim  Medical College. Rawalpindi100
52PunjabAl-Nafees Medical  College. Islamabad.100
53PunjabFazaia Medical College. Islamabad.100
54PunjabFoundation  University  Medical College,  Islamabad.150
55PunjabHBS Medical  & Dental College. Islamabad.100
56PunjabIslamabad Medical  & Dental College. Islamabad.100
57PunjabRawal Institute of Health Scicnces. Islamabad.100
58PunjabShifa College of Medicine. Islamabad.100
59SindhAga Khan University Medical College. Karachi.100
60SindhAl-Tibri  Medical  College. Karachi.100
61SindhBahria Unit ersity Medical  College. Karachi.150
62SindhBaqai Medical  College,  Karachi.100
63SindhFaculty  of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/  Isra fi*nis ersit y, Hi derabad.150
64SindhFazaia Ruth  Pfao Medical College, Karachi.100
65SindhHamdard College of Ncdicinc & Dentistry. Karachi.100
66SindhIndus Medical  College.  fando Muhammad Khan100
67SindhJinnah  Medical  & Dental College, Karachi.100
68SindhKarachi  Institute of Medical  Sciences.  K IMS. Karachi.100
69SindhLiaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry. Karachi.100
70SindhLiaquat  National  Medical  College, Karachi.100
71SindhMuhammad  Medical College. Mirpurkhas-Sindh.100
72SindhSir Syed College o1 Medical  Sciences tor Girls. Karachi.100
73SindhSuleman Roshan Medical College. Tando Adam100
74SindhL’nited  Medical  & Dental College. Karachi100
75SindhZiauddin Medical  College. Karachi150

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