The National University of Medical Sciences conducts the NUMS MDCAT Test, also called NUMS MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test). This test is mandatory to get admission to all NUMS-affiliated colleges. The PMC MDCAT Test, called the National MDCAT, is not mandatory for admission to NUMS-affiliated colleges.

NUMS is a top-ranked Pakistani university for medical education. Therefore, NUMS is offering a lot of other courses and certifications regarding medical education for postgraduates and undergraduates. But NUMS MDCAT is only for MBBS or BDS admission in NUMS-affiliated colleges.

NUMS has various admissions categories for MBBS and BDS, like public and private admission. Further, these admissions will be for local, overseas, and foreign students.

NUMS will conduct the admissions application process after the entry test results are announced. First, you have to submit the fee for the NUMS Entry Test. After the results of the entry test, you will again apply for admission with a new fee challan. Keep in mind that after the entry test, advertisements will again appear in newspapers and on the official website.

Each year, almost more than 80 thousand students appear in the NUMS MDCAT Test.

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NUMS Portal for MDACT 2024

Let’s join the top-ranked medical university to become MBBS or BDS doctors in Pakistan and serve the nation.

To register for the NUMS MDCAT 2023, please select the button below. You will then be redirected to the NUMS website for MDCAT 2023 registration.


The entry test, NUMS MDCAT, has been announced by NUMS. The schedule and fee for the NUMS Entry Test are given below.

Schedule of MDCAT (NUMS Entry Test Date): 2024-2025

Online RegistrationMonday, July 3, 2024
Online Registration End DateMonday, 24 July 24, 2024, by 1600 hours
Online Registration for Late Apply DateFriday, August 4, 2024, by 1600 hours

NUMS Entry Test Fee

The fee for NUMS is non-refundable / non-transferable. MDCAT (NUMS) 2024 registration fee details are as follows:

DescriptionRegistration Fee
Pakistan Exam Center Fee Rs. 4,200
Pakistan Exam Center Late Registration Fee Rs. 5,000
International Exam Center Registration FeeUSD 100 
International Exam Centers Late Registration FeeUSD 120 


  • A valid citizen of Pakistan, an overseas Pakistani, a dual national, or a foreigner can apply for NUMS MDCAT.
  • FSc/HSSC/A-Levels/12th Grade, awaiting a result, can apply for the NUMS MBBS-BDS Entry Test.

NUMS MDCT Test MBBS-BDS Advertisement


MDCAT-2024 Registration Tutorial Guide by PMC

NUMS has provided a tutorial Video for all aspirants.

YouTube video

How do I apply to the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test?

  • Access the NUMS MDCAT Test registration portal with a laptop or desktop. The application is not supported on mobile devices.
  • Visit the NUMS official website and click on the admission link.
  • Enter CNIC, B-Form/Passport, or NICOP as the email and password.
  • The candidate required the following document during application form filling:
  • CNIC/B-Form/Passport/NICOP
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Martic or equivalent certificate or transcript
  • Copy of Paid Challan

NOTE: After completing the application, you must click on “Final Submit” if the button is available; otherwise, you will face trouble sitting in the exam.

Important instruction

Follow the instructions to avoid trouble because there are a lot of students who apply to NUMS from Pakistan and abroad. If you make any mistake during the application, you can face trouble because the NUMS team will take time to reply, and if you do not succeed in providing all the information accurately, you can face trouble appearing in the exam.

  • Create an email on Gmail if you don’t have one already before applying.
  • Note down the email ID and password because many students forget their email password and face difficulty recovering it.
  • Try not to apply from a cafe, but if you don’t have a laptop and you visit a cafe, then create your own email and note down the email and password.
  • Enter your own CNIC number in your portal instead of entering your father’s, mother’s, guardians, relative’s, or friend’s number.
  • Note down the password that you have entered for registration on the portal.
  • The candidate must fulfill all their own information, like email and phone number, and give an email and phone number that are contactable by the NUMS Team.
  • Enter your own passport-size photograph; don’t upload anything other than your passport. Otherwise, you admit a slip block for the time being from NUMS until and unless you provide a picture to remove the block.

Important Links

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Note: The NUMS MDCAT process is the same for all candidates. Later, at admission time, you will follow the NUMS instructions for the admission process as a local or foreign candidate.


What is the NUMS MDCAT Test?

The NUMS MDCAT Test is conducted by the National University of Medical Science for all affiliated or constituent colleges of NUMS, like Army Medical College (AMC).

Can we apply for NUMS MDCAT without PMC MDCAT?

Yes, you can apply to NUMS without PMC MDCAT, because for NUMS-affiliated colleges, only NUMS MDCAT is mandatory.

Can we apply with B-Form?

Yes, you can apply for MDCAT with the B-Form if you don’t have a CNIC, NICOP, or passport.


MDCAT 2022 will consist of a total of 200 MCQs.

How long is NUMS MDCAT valid?

The test result is valid for only one year.

Final Thoughts

NUMS is the top-ranked university in Pakistan. You should go for all opportunities, like PMC MDCAT, NUMS MDCAT, and Army Medical Cadet. If you can afford the fee, then it is a good option for MBBS or BDS admission.

You have to go through huge preparation if you want to appear in the NUMS MDCAT or PMDC MDCAT. Please read all instructions carefully and follow up on the NUMS Entry Test until admission.

So as a candidate, you should go through the syllabus of NUMS for the NUMS entry test and cover all the topics. We have a tool to show you all the questions for the test.

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