MDCAT preparation is mandatory to become a doctor in Pakistan. If you passed the PMC MDCAT Test, then you can take admission in all public and private medical colleges and universities under the umbrella of PMDC.

There is another MDCAT that is conducted by the National University of Medical Science called NUMS MDCAT for admission to universities or colleges that are affiliated with, attached to, or under the umbrella of NUMS University.

Candiates are so worried about MDCAT preparation. There are a lot of books available in market, and candidates are confused about which book to follow and how to prepare for the MDCAT Test.

In this article, I discuss how to prepare for an MDCAT exam.

Both PMC and NUMS MDCAT have some variations in the syllabus and paper pattern, but both preparation methods are the same. if you are going to appear in both exams, then prepare yourself by following the same guidelines.

Following are our guidelines to prepare for the MDCAT test.

1. Get Syllabus for MDCAT Preparation

First and most important, you should get the MDCAT syllabus for all subjects. Then prepare yourself accordingly.

Start your preparation too early, and don’t wait for the PMDC or NUMS to display the syllabus for the new year. You should get the previous year’s syllabus from the NUMS or PMC website, or else you can also get it from our website. We have given a complete syllabus for both MDCAT tests.

PMC MDCAT Syllabus


The syllabus remains the same each year; there may be a minor change in the new syllabus. Therefore, don’t waste time and go for early preparation after F.Sc. / A-Level exams. If there are some minor changes in the new syllabus, you can easily cover them because, until then, you have covered the major portion.

2. Prepare Syllabus Topics Subject Wise

There are two ways to prepare for MCAT exams

  1. You can prepare for one subject and move on to another subject until the first subject is completed.
  2. You can also prepare all subjects together, one topic for each subject.

3. Prepare Past Papers

Going through the past papers is most important for MDCAT preparation. Past papers are given on many websites in the form of pdf files. You can check these pdf files.

Here I have prepared a better tool for MDCAT past papers, questions and answers (MCQS), where you can read the question and think about the answer; later, you can click on Show Answer to check the correct answer. You have the option to select one subject for preparation at a time.

I have given you another tool where you can give an online MDCAT exam. After the exam, you will get your online test report and score. You can give all subjects a test a time, or you can select the subject of your choice.

Here are links to both MDCAT test preparation and online exam tools.

  1. MDCAT past papers quesitons and answers (MCQS) tool
  2. MDCAT Test online tool

4. MDCAT Test Pattern

You should be aware of the MDCAT pattern before appearing in the MDCAT exams. You should check the MDCAT exam pattern on the NUMS and PMC official websites.

I have given the MDCAT Test Pattern in my article. You can check MDCAT Test pattern by following links

  1. PMDC MDCAT Test Pattern
  2. NUMS MDCAT Test Pattern

5. Avoid Common Mistake Regarding MDCAT Preparation

  1. Don’t wait for the advertisement and announcement of the MDCAT Test; try to prepare as soon as possible after 12th grade exams.
  2. Prepare all subjects and topics; don’t leave any subject week or topic.
  3. Don’t join any academy and follow their pattern; follow the syllabus issued by NUMS and PMC.
  4. Don’t purchase books and focus on a specific book. All past papars are present on different websites. Downlaod past papers to check what type of questions and their patterns. Also, we have given questions and test tools on our website. Also, check that the links are present in point 3.


There is no specific time period for mdcat preparation; it depends on student capabilities. but you strategize preparation as the exam ends.

Solve the past paper question answers we have given on our website. Click Here.

We don’t recommend any specific book. Prepare the syllabus and past papers given on the various websites and on our website.

Check out the MDCAT question on our website. For past papers, Click Here.


MDCAT preparation is not easy because there’s a lot of competition because there are fewer seats per candidate.

So go through the whole syllabus, past papers, and question answers. Don’t take it easy, and prepare tests from each angle. Avoid the books published by some unknown writers and focus on your course books and syllabus issued by PMC or NUMS.

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