To become a doctor in Pakistan, you have a few opportunities, like NUMS MDCAT Admission or PMC MDCAT Admission, but Pakistan Army Medical Cadet is the best option of all three options. There is repetition of Pakistan Army Medical Doctors; on the other hand, you will be exempted from the MBBS/BDS fee, and the Medical College will also award you monthly stipends.

A F.Sc. Pre-Medical/Equivalent (O-Level) with Biology as a subject can apply for MBBS/BDS as a Pakistan Army Medical Cadet.

If you have an interest in joining the Pakistan Army as a medical doctor, then visit the nearest ASRCs or apply online for registration.

Right now, the 2024–2025 medical session registration is in process, and the last date to apply for admission is July 19, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

Following are eligibility criteria to join the Pakistan Army as a medical cadet for MBBS or BDS.

  • Marks: 70% Marks in F.Sc. (Intermediate) or O-Level with grade C/6
  • Age: 17 Year to 21 Years
  • Height: Minimum 5 Feet 4 inch
  • Weight: According to BMI (Body Mass Index),
  • Eye Vision : 6/6


According to the advertisement, male candidates can apply for the position of Medical Commission Officer. There are no seats for females.


Selection procedures include an intelligence (IQ) test, an academic test, and a physical test. The detail of the test are given below

a. Intelligent Test

There will be verbal and non-verbal tests based on MCQs.

a. Academic Test

Academic tests consist of subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, and English.

a. Physical Test

Physical tests include the following activities:

  • Running
  • Ditch Crossing
  • Sit up
  • Chin up
  • Chest examination

Medical Test

Pak Army doctors will conduct medical extermination tests, which include measuring height, weight, and vision.


GHQ Pakistan will collect BIO data and call candidate for a written test and interview

Written Test

Written test include different type of English test and Pointer & Picture stories


Candidate interview for final Selection

Detailed Medical Exam

The candidate who has passed all the tests for a medical cadet has to undergo a detailed medical test at CMH Hospitals.

Merit List

After the medical exam, you have to wait for the final merit list for MBBS and BDS. GHQ will send the merit list to NUMS for entry as a medical MBBS/BDS Cadet.

NOTE: As medical education is too costly, you have to sing bond to serve Pakistan Army Hospital for a period of time.

Army Selection and Recruitment Center

Apart from online registration, you can also visit the Pakistan Army Recruitment Selection Center.

Option 1: For online registration in Pakistan Army Medical Course as Cadet, follow the link below

Option 2: Visit the Army Selection Center and Recruitment Center. We have collected a list of selection centers. For details, Click here.


Read carefully the Army Medical Cadet Advertisement 2024-2025.

Join Pak Army as Medical Cadet
Join Pak Army as Medical Cadet

Final Thoughts

We have gone through all the criteria, requirements, and exam patterns. After going through this, you will have a clear understanding of how to participate in the medical entry test to join Pak Army as Medical Cadet.

We highly recommend this option to become a doctor, because if you go with the NUMS Entry Test, you have to pay a handsome amount. On the other hand, if you go with the PMDC MDCAT, then you have to pay a lower fee, but you have to struggle with your job or house job. But if you join the Pak Army, they will not only give you a job after course completion; they will also pay a stipend during the course.

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